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About Us

Recognizing the challenge of the new Internet technologies and on line marketing, we are dedicated to encourage the participation of Filipino American Realtors and International Realtors as part of our networks to provide OFW retirees to invest in the Philippines. We shall provide excellence service to the Realtors and OFW retirees. We strive to exceed expectations.

Create an entity to provide services to OFW retirees and to an international real estate team. Offer a website template that we can market to the U.S. based Filipino American Realtors.

A website was created and we support them with development tools such as WordPress, Facebook and others.

The websites for Filipino American partners or others are maintained by Real Estate Connection.  A page link created in our partners’ website to our prospective market such as OFW retirees.  To avail the services of our partners such as InvestPhil Realty.

Our International Real Estate staff are as follows:

Fred Casido
Real Estate Connection -U. S.  Marketing

Manny Diaz
Real Estate Connection – U.S. marketing

Rhoan Morales
Real Estate Connection – Coordinator

Renold Verano
CEO – InvestPhil Realty

Jay Mc Lean
InvestPhil Realty and Business Evolution Mastermind

Carina Gaila
InvestPhil Realty and CareNet Broker

Charry Mina
InvestPhil Realty – Website Support

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