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FILAM Filipino Americans

Our Vision

To create an affordable housing communities for seniors, retirees in their choice of location here in the United States of America and/or oversees preferably anywhere in the Philippines.


Our Economic Observations

The Bay Area and California has been very generous to the Philippines Immigrant community, FILAM, especially for those who worked for the big multinationals companies. This employments comes with excellent wages and benefits. However, the Economic Gurus and Policy Makers prefer inflations. The Young and the educated are the main beneficiaries of inflations. Higher wages and wealth are created. Cheers.

However FILAM   are extended family.  Some family members don’t have the capacity to maintain the Bay Area cost of living especially for the seniors. This phenomena are observed in most big cities like New York, Washington, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong and Makati. It can be described as Inflation to the Young. Depressed economy for the senior who are recipient of fixed income. Stagflations for most marginal employees, those who can’t compete and qualify.

Our challenges are how to serve this marginal and senior market.


Mission Statement

Recognizing the challenges of retirement, we are dedicated to encouraging a fulfilling lifestyle and promoting independence.  We provide exceptional service for our residents, continuously listen to our residents, and we engage life with pride, professionalism, creativity and fun. We strive to enhance lives and exceed expectations every day.


Commitment to Quality

We have high standards when it comes to quality, because we know what’s at stake for our customers and employees. Our commitment to doing things the right way is best seen through our high standards that often exceeds requirements. We also conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, and the feedback we receive from our residents and families tells us what’s working well and where we need to improve. Continually looking for ways to enhance the services we offer is just another way for us to follow through on our promise to put quality above all else.

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